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Gaining Title

No matter how obtained, prestige and power are always amplified by mystery. Someone who appears to have it all figured out will attract people who are ashamed that they don't know shit. This is so powerful that the illusion of understanding almost always wins versus having lots of answers. Apply this pattern to boost your career. Boosting your reign takes other skills.

Goat Hunter Chad has just returned from an expedition to the goat lands and takes his seat by the fire next to the others. Unfortunately, because of his gout acting up he once again wasn't able to take any quarry.

Not wanting to get mad shade from his tribe again, Gatherer Chad filled a hide pouch with some spotted berries he found in a thistle bush.

Tim is another member of the tribe. He doesn't like hunting but really likes eating. Tim doesn't like Chad very much. Chad presents his berries to the people around the fire.

“Throw them all in the fire”, says Tim upon seeing them.

Normally, Hunter Chad would just do what Tim says. People seem to listen to him, and he's a good story teller. Unfortunately, Chad is trying to court a sassy whistle whittler named Jessica. Jessica's greatest love at this point in her life is dirty goat meat, so Chad's been striking out because of the gout. These berries could be his last chance. Chad has a rudimentary understanding of intrigue. He formulates a hypothesis that Tim knows about the situation between him and Jessica. Either Tim wants Jessica or he just wants to ruin it for Chad.

“Hell no old man!” exclaims Chad, as he starts gorging himself on berries. Tim ignores him and starts a story performance. It includes chanting, dancing around the fire and high pitched noises. Everyone loves it.

Thirty minutes of story telling later (actually seven minutes were paid endoursements) Chad starts retching. The other tribesmen jerk away as frustrums of effluvium explode from Chad's every orifice with such intensity that it smothers the fire. Chad dies.

The imprecision of witness interpretation and recount meant that by the time it hit the gossip circles, Tim had cast a death spell on Chad.

In reality, as a child Tim's mother sampled the same berries and learned that even a little will give you the runs, she told Tim. If Tim had elaborated to Chad why he shouldn't eat them, he would have received a marginal increase in perceived wisdom and Chad might still be alive. If Tim or his mother had tried to convince the tribe to try small samples new foods, the tribe might have twice as many members and Chad might not have gout.

Instead, Tim deliberately omitted key details hoping to bait Chad into embarassing himself for his own edification. That fact that Chad decided to take up berry arms and lead the revolution exceeded all expectations. Chad didn't know that behind Tim's flat eyes was the glee and trepidation of a child piloting a fighter jet. This is what's called luck meeting opportunity.

Tim's master stroke was to start dancing around the fire to keep everyone's attention so they would witness the climax. Tim has always had leadership material written all over him.

Tim has been transformed from guy who knows some things to being a gold crowned warlock on a pale horse. In the flat organization structure of this tribe, Tim leveraged a tiny bit of information asynchrony into a complete re-org underneath him. In fuedal times, we'd call this being ordained under the divine right of kings.

Tim went on to have forty five babies, several with Jessica. The descendants of his least naive mate went on to form a legendary bloodline.

Next time I'll talk about revolutions.